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Latin American Missions is a multifaceted ministry with one primary goal--soul salvation!

The Eight Areas of Work interface to extend a variety of avenues to reach the lost, care for the needy and help the displaced. The foundation of these works is Native Preacher Training. Local men have a vested interest in working with their own people in their own countries. No matter what type of a team--Evangelistic, Medical, Construction, etc--a preacher is always left at the location to nurture the newly established congregation. Obviously, when a man and his family are left behind, support must be provided for him to do his job. Native Preacher Support is vital for the church to survive in any location.

Mobile Medical Missions help relieve the physical ailments of literally thousands, but they don’t stop there. During the campaign, the gospel is taught day and night, souls are baptized into Christ and new congregations are established. The same is true with the Evangelistic Campaigns where emphasis is placed on areas where the church is weak or non-existent.

Benevolence outreaches are always present but become more significant during times of disaster. Our strategy is to provide familiar food items--rice, beans, flour, oil--and allow the local church to distribute them. This way, contacts are made and the local church is lifted up in the community.

Constructions Teams also get involved when disasters arise, building new homes and shelters. They also work on building projects to supply meeting places for our brethren.

Our Printed Word Ministry provides teaching materials to help spread the word, curriculum materials for our preacher training and Bible class materials for the congregations.

Child Care programs are in place to care for and feed the homeless, hungry children of Latin America. We are constantly developing new methods to feed, cloth and shelter the innocents of poverty and neglect. We also have a Children’s Home on our campus in Panama.

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