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Mobile Medical Missions began in Panama by including a doctor and nurse in the evangelistic team.  As the work expanded to additional countries, medical teams helped pave the way by establishing the church in a community and leaving a preacher to continue the work.
Through the years medical missions have expanded to include several doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, and opticians in addition to “non-medical” participants.  An average of 2,000 patients are seen during each campaign. 
Though medical efforts have increased, the focus has never shifted from teaching and preaching the Gospel.  A Gospel meeting is held each evening to present the Word to community members who have attended the clinic and have been invited during door-to-door evangelism. 
As parents bring their children through the clinic, the children can participate in a Bible class where they are given the opportunity to learn about Jesus.  Children are invited back for another class taking place during the meeting that evening.  Bringing children to Bible class is another way to draw adults to the meeting. 
Often a special class for teenagers is taught which focuses on issues and difficulties they face where a Biblical answer is provided.