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Construction Teams come together to assist a congregation when it matures to the point of needing a permanent building. Generally, a concrete slab is laid, walls are erected and the local congregation completes the building as they desire and have the ability. 

In times of disaster when hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes strike and destroy an area, construction teams form to rebuild homes and help put lives back together. If the church already exists in the area of destruction, the brethren will be strengthened and receive aid first.  A new church building may be built and brethren’s houses rebuilt. If the church is not already established in the area, the disaster may provide the opportunity for the lost to be taught, the church to be planted, and God’s love to be demonstrated. A preacher is always left to follow-up and work with the new congregation.

The costs to construct a church building vary depending on location, size, and cost of supplies; however, an average cost is $10,000.00. Costs begin at $1,000.00 for a house.