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The Bible School of the Americas began as the Pan American Bible School, a preacher training class conducted by the Balboa congregation located in the old Canal Zone of Panama, in September of 1965. It became too large for the space at the Balboa church building and relocated several times ~ a room above a chicken coop ~ a large building in old Panama ~ a small campus in the Rio Bajo area of Panama City ~ before settling on 25 acres in the Mañanitas area outside Panama City in 1993. Men from countries throughout Central and South America have studied and graduated from the Bible School in Panama.

The Bible School of the Americas offers a comprehensive study of the Bible, with emphasis on teaching and preaching. The campus is equipped with a reference library and computers to assist students in completing course requirements. Wives are also involved in the development of a preacher. They attend classes in Bible, Teaching Methods and Family Values.

Men are able to study in their own language and in familiar cultural areas. The plan of study covers the span of two years, where they complete more than 56 courses during their two year study. During this time, they receive intensive studies that prepare them to confront, in an effective manner, the evil that faces this society without Christ.

While attending school, men are involved in many activities such as: personal evangelism, medical campaigns, seminars, work with local congregations, evangelistic campaigns, conferences, devotionals, sports, and trips. Life “on campus” is Christian Family oriented in living, in social activities and in studies. The entire focus of the school is “Training Faithful Gospel preachers in Latin America!” Following graduation, the men and their families return to their own countries to preach the Gospel to those who are lost.