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YES II Campaigns are hands-on, heartwarming, working mission efforts into Latin America specifically designed for young people.

Young Evangelistic Servants from congregations throughout the United States join their counter parts in Latin America to encourage, uplift and teach children and teenagers about Jesus.

VBS Classes are held during the day, a Gospel Meeting is conducted in the evening. Children’s and Teenage Classes are held each day with our Young Evangelistic Servants assisting in these tasks.

The Young Evangelistic Servants also participate in Door-to-Door Evangelism, learning and putting into practice useful and effective evangelistic techniques.

If you are a young person with a love for the Lord, a desire to serve others and a little bit of talent, then you are a candidate for YES II.

As an added advantage, young people learn how to conduct personal Bible studies and various approaches to evangelism while working hand-in-hand with evangelists, elders, deacons and teachers.



1. Complete and submit a Latin American Missions Campaign Registration form. These forms must be completed and mailed to the Latin American Missions office no later than five months prior to the trip. Download the form here.

2. Get or Have a current, valid passport for travel outside the United States. Check with you local Post Office. Normal processing of Passports takes about six weeks.

3. Receive the recommended immunizations. Hepatitis A and Tetanus are recommended. Please talk with your Doctor or Health-Care Provider about immunizations needed for the country you will be traveling to.

4. Raise your needed financial support. The average Shared Team Expenses is between $800 and $1,000 plus airfare. Shared Team Expenses depend upon the estimated cost for the campaign divided by the number of team members.

Spen & Renee
YES II Team Leader
Spencer Broome and his wife, Renee