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Our lives are filled with a multitude of responsibilities and commitments--church, family, work, school, etc--sometimes making us feel inadequate when moved to act on opportunities to fulfill the great commission.

Any mission effort is only as strong as the support it receives from individuals and congregations. They provide a base from which all great campaigns are launched. When it comes right down to it, there are those who can go and those who can send.

For those of you who are discouraged with what you can do for the Lord and wish to reap the rich rewards associated with seeking the lost, consider the following article:

Staying With the Baggage
For as his share is who goes down to battle, so shall his be who stays with the baggage (1 Samuel 30:24)

God chooses the ordinary to do His work--not royalty or already famous. The lowly shepherd became the beloved King David; Moses came from his father-in-law’s pasture to lead the Israelites out of Egypt; ordinary little Mary was chosen to be the mother of the Christ; ordinary fishermen and tax gatherers filled the then-known world with the knowledge of Him--sent out by ordinary folks who stayed with the baggage!

Most of what is going to happen is going to come from ordinary people--ordinary, but not unimportant! The ordinary are needed to “stay with the baggage” so others can go to the missionary fields, help in a natural disaster, etc. We can encourage by our small or large contributions, letters of support--and never forget, the leverage of prayer! Because of the “ordinary,” the work of the Lord can go smoothly at home and radiate to foreign fields.

If we take good care of the “baggage,” when the time comes for sharing celestial rewards, we will joyfully receive four-fold, along with those who have gone out into the fields away from home.

by Cleva Smith, Power for Today, October 2007