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2017 Campaigns
  *3-7 - Future Preachers Training Camp - Belo Horizonte, Brazil - Kirk Brothers
  11-18 - Medical Campaign - Apopa, El Salvador - Phil Waggoner
  *26-April 1 - FHU Evangelisitc Campaign - Las Mananitas, Panamá - Kirk Brothers
  2-10 - YES II - Costa Rica - Spencer Broome
  9-17 - Medical Campaign - Nauta, Perú — Jack Farber
  17-24 - Medical Campaign - Gracias, Honduras - John Farber
  23-July 1 - YES II - Granada, Nicaragua - Spencer Broome
  1-9 - YES II - Penonome, Panamá - Spencer Broome
  15-22 - Medical Campaign - Leon, Nicaragua - John Farber
  21-29 - YES II - San Marcos, Nicaragua - Spencer Broome
  22-29 - Medical Campaign - Las Margaritas, Panamá - Jack & John Farber
* By Invitation Only

The dates indicate the arrival and departure to and from the campaigns.

Dates and locations are subject to change and should be confirmed before making a commitment.

YES II Evangelism is a campaign made up primarily of young people working together with mature Christians, with the goal of reaching people of all ages. Evangelism and VBS are the methods utilized in this campaign to present the Gospel.

NOTE: All campaign participants must complete a registration form and be approved by the elders of the Forrest Park Church of Christ. There are no exceptions.